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RPA Solutions for Departments

Discover the power of RPA implementation across your enterprise. Transforming every facet of your business for a brighter future.

Customer service

  • Customer support - Specially between closed business hours
  • Feedback organization
  • Information/notifications/appointments mailing 
  • Updating client's profiles
  • Real-time updates on purchase status


  • Extracting billing information
  • Processing financial transactions
  • Invoicing
  • Preparing data for audits
  • Banking reconciliation


  • Backups
  • Data migration
  • Automated testing of sites and applications
  • Managing events
  • Security & compliance monitoring

Sales and Marketing

  • Updating information in a CRM
  • Campaign management
  • Price Comparison
  • Reporting
  • Quoting

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Sales ROI Calculator



CRM systems contain key information on sales teams activities, such as leads and closed deals. Nonetheless, they do not reflect all of the direct and indirect expenses associated with sales teams. In order to calculate marketing ROI, the Head of Sales must consult multiple systems and consolidate data into a single spreadsheet.

  Bot Activities

  • Collects data on sales expenditures from accounting, sales, and management systems
  • Collects data on the value of deals closed by sales teams
  • Consolidates profits and expenses into a separate spreadsheet
  • Calculates ROI based on consolidated data
  • Emails final report to stakeholders
  • Emails stakeholders consolidated reports