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About AF Robotics

We were born from a conversation, one of those that starts with an anecdote and closes with a plan with objectives and people in charge.

We are the sum of thousands of hours of knowledge and experience that feed a vision and commitment to a future that works for everyone, in which each person can develop their maximum potential, enjoy their work, and feel with each task they perform, they contribute to the creation of a new way of doing and living. We are a team that delights in listening to our clients and their challenges, which become our 

challenges. We are the restless ones in the front row who ask questions and question everything. We are human beings who use technology to humanize work, derobotize humans, and speed up companies who, as the explicit agreement of their teams, are the turbines that lead us to a better tomorrow.

We are what we do and that's why we act by the Lee Ellis code of honor:


Robots that are within your reach

An expert team at your service

Mateo Carmona
Chief Executive Officer

Serial Entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience in process automation, first Colombian to be part of the Global Entrepreneur Program in the United Kingdom, Strategy Mentor for Proantioquia and founding member of ANDI del Futuro.

Roberto Suarez Shool
Chief Marketing Officer

Entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience in marketing within different industries, focused on the development of digital channels. Tech lover, triathlete and passionate athlete.

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