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What is RPA Technology?

RPA means Robotic Process Automation. This innovative technology is developed for digital automatization, focused on reducing and replacing repetitive processes that are necessary but don’t provide any value for your company, and block your employees from developing real value tasks that require analysis and tactical or strategic thinking. Then, Robotic Process Automation is a technology that provides computer-based robots (or bots) that will partially or completely help your team to develop those processes or tasks that drain their time with no value.

Now that you are thinking about which processes can be automated in your company, the answer is many of them. You can go over all the areas of your organization through finance, production, inventory management, sales, marketing, customer service among others (depending on the industry you belong to) and you will see that there are many basic computer task that need to be done but occupy significant amounts of time from your team and don’t bring value for them and the company. Taking this into account, you just need to think ¿what if a group of robots develop those processes, releasing significant time so they can focus on real value tasks and improving the ROI of the different areas of your organization?

Additionally, it is important for you to think that your new team of robots will work 24/7, improving the processes of your organization, increasing speed, reducing possible errors, without needing to rest.

Finally, you are probably thinking that you need to hire a team of engineers, developers and some other specialists that will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for RPA implementation, and the answer is that you don’t need any of this. In AF Robotics we will advise you before any implementation, and when we see that you have processes that are able to automate with our robots that will improve your team performance, then we will tell you that it is time to automate. Afterwards, leave all the developing and coding tasks for our team of experts, because our company will provide to your organization robots as a service with no need to spend huge amounts of money on licenses and maintenance, just let the robots work for your company, and we will take care of your robots.

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